How it Works

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Planted Table is for anyone who wants heart-healthy, plant-based meals but doesn’t have the time or desire to cook themselves. It’s like having your own, personal Chef-Lauren.

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Your meals are individually packed and will be delivered to your door in our signature Planted Table insulated bag on a weekly basis.

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The meals arrive freshly packed in our eco-friendly glass containers as individual servings that you can enjoy at home or easily bring to work or school.

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Simply heat and enjoy. Rinse your glass container and place back in your Planted Table bag for us to pick up next week. No plastic and no food waste.

Planted Table is Perfect For:

    Families, couples, new moms, recovering from surgery, suffering from illness, vegans and vegetarians.

   Traveling professionals or anyone on the go that wants to outsource meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking and still have healthy, delicious meals.

    Anyone curious about Plant Based eating but doesn’t know where to start.

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